The Dean’s Welcome Message

Prof. Eman El-Bendary

Faculty Dean

Dear All,

HUE Faculty of Pharmacy has distinctively laid down its vision in light of modern contemporary world challenges and competitions both in the local and global labor markets. The main concern of the faculty is to reach a distinctive level in the field of pharmacy by providing an academic output that equips the pharmacist’s alumnae with up-to-date knowledge, qualifications, abilities, and skills that enable graduates to best comply with the requirements of the global market.

With creativity and passion, we apply the most recent innovative approaches and methods of teaching as well as practical experience and valuable scientific contributions. The mission of HUE Faculty of Pharmacy covers all life aspects of science and technology; it provides the community with graduates that are capable of effectively and successfully going through the practical experience of becoming well informed pharmacists who  can provide the most satisfying pharmaceutical care and scientific counseling with ethical values.

To achieve its target, HUE Faculty of Pharmacy is greatly concerned with the application of up- to- date quality standards. We attentively select special elite of capable staff members that work for the completion of such standards. Our highly qualified staff members teach our students according to some operational strategies and techniques that comply with the age’s spirit to guarantee that our students acquire knowledge, skills and are going the right way.

HUE Faculty of Pharmacy paves the way for a unique educational climate by providing all needed recent equipment, required resources and a peaceful democratic environment. Our community-based learning courses and innovative curricula encourage teamwork, innovation, creativity and participation in decision making. We also give our students the tools, experiences and opportunities that help them participate in cultural and physical activities required to build a mentally and psychologically stable personality. 

For all intents and purposes, we wish our students all good luck and great success in their future career.

Prof. Eman El-Bendary

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