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على خمسة جوائز وشهادتي تقدير ضمن فعاليات المسابقة الوطنية النهائية لدعم وريادة الأعمال
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فوز الفرق الممثلة لكلية الصيدلة جامعة حورس- مصر بالمركزى الأول والثانى في مؤتمر الصيدلة الحادي عشر بجامعة المنصورة
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توقيع بروتوكول تعاون مع جامعة حورس - مصر (كلية الصيدلة ) والاتحاد المصرى لطلاب كلية الصيدلة
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الملتقى التوظيفي الثاني لكلية الصيدلة جامعة حورس - مصر
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القافلة الطبية الشاملة لأهل قرية أم الرضا التابعة لمحافظة دمياط
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The Dean's Welcome Message

Prof. Dr. Magda Nasr

Vice President & Faculty Dean

HUE Faculty of Pharmacy has distinctively laid down its vision in light of modern contemporary world challenges and competitions both in the local and global labor markets. The main concern of the faculty is to reach a distinctive level in the field of pharmacy by providing an academic output that equips the pharmacist’s alumnae with up-to-date knowledge, qualifications, abilities, and skills that enable graduates to best comply with the requirements of the global market.

Academic Programs

Bachelor’s degree of Pharmacy

Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy (Pharm-D)

Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy (Pharm-D Clinical)

Why to Join Us

The main aim of the pharmacy program at HUE is to graduate a well‐educated pharmacist who is able to fulfill their professional duties competently in response to the needs of the global dynamic market. It is tailored to comply with the requirements of the Committee Sector for Pharmacy Education (CSPE) and the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities (ESCU).

You will find the optimum atmosphere to incorporate what you are learning into your career while gaining daily knowledge and skills that makes you the pharmacist of choice for the recruiters who seek to provide an improved health care service.

The Faculty of Pharmacy seeks to offer pharmaceutical science programs that are recognized and respected in Egypt, the Middle East, and internationally since it’s approved by the Supreme Council of Universities. The Faculty of Pharmacy vision aspires to attain national accreditation and regional and international recognition.

In HUE, you find the following unique points of strength:

    1. An outstanding staff member combining the scientific skills, positive practical experience, and positive mannerism.
    2. Up to date infrastructures and facilities.
    3. A tailored academic advising plan for each student.
    4. Updated connection with the real market challenges and opportunities

E-Learning Strategies

Blended learning, the creative fusion of face-to-face instruction with online learning, can enhance student learning as well as provide remarkable teaching experiences for faculty members.

Pharmacy staff are beginning to employ blended learning all over Egypt from entry-to-practice programs. HUE Faculty of Pharmacy benefited from Office365 platform wide capabilities and various applications in proposing a role model in hybrid learning.

Due to the precautionary measures taken by countries all over the world, the faculty of pharmacy HUE made online lectures through MS Teams application along with the use of MS Forms in making quizzes and assignments, MS Stream in storing recorded live meetings, MS Whiteboard and other applications that complete the unique online learning experience. The use of virtual labs and computer software was an addition that helped our students enrich their skills in practical aspects. Possibilities for blended learning are considered as new curricula for pharmacy programs are developed at our institution.

HUE COVID-19 Research

Our staff members are concerned and actively contribute to the world fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and many research articles were published in this concern.

HUE COVID-19 Resources

Students Testimonials

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